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Following sofa repair and service are done in KNS RAJAN Services

Cloth Change

Sofa repair and service

Sofa cloth is an unique material, unlike normal cloth, it cant be reused or repaired. At KNS Rajan services, we do complete change of Sofa cloth with new cloth material of your choice. We offer wide range of cloth material and design to choose. After understanding your need and taste, with our professional advice, you could choose ideal cloth material for your sofa. In sofa repair and service, cloth choose is an art.

Spring Change

sofa spring repair and service In Sofa repair and service, the most challenging part is to give a good cushioning effect to the sofa set. Basic cushioning effect are achieved with the help of springs. With old sofa, this cushioning effect are hampered due to week spring. With sofa repair and services, we could change all weaken springs, with new springs. So that you could enjoy with your sofa again 

Framework Change

sofa framework repair and serviceFramework are the base of any kind of sofa. The framework could be wooden or iron base. Once the framework are damaged, the basic integrity of the sofa is lost, and the sofa can’t be used any more. In our sofa repair and service, we do all kind of framework services. Let it be wooden framework or iron framework, we can fix them back. And give your sofa a new look and life.

Inner Lining Material change

lining matrial sofa repair & serviceWith sofa, the next most important to the framework is its inner lining material. Sofa would consist of many supporting structure for its strength and durability. Following things we do service in our service place.

  1. Rope change for sofa.
  2. Webbing.
  3. Padding for sofa.
  4. Cushions change for sofa.

Sofa Arm change

arm repair and serviceSofa arm, over a period of time, they become worn out and gets damaged. Mostly the wooden sofa arms are more likely to be damaged faster than the iron based sofa. We do change arm for sofa as part of sofa service. We also do modification of existing arm. Based on customers need, we can make normal armed sofa to arm-less sofa. We can transform, combined sofa into individual sofa with arms or vise versa. With our sofa service, any thing and every thing is possible.We also design customized arm for sofa, as per your need. All sort of wooden arm can be repaired and serviced. With our specialized designing team, we can design new arm for your existing sofa, and turn them into brand new one.

Reupholster of Sofa

reupholsterUpholster is nothing but, complete renovation of your old damaged sofa/ chair/ recliner or any other cushions. With reupholstering service includes changing cloths/covering, webbing, spring, padding, cushions and all other needed things for your old sofa, so that we can bring back it to live form. By this, the old sofa can look and shine like a new one. Any kind of sofa, we can do re-Upholster service. Let it be storage sofa, recliner, sofa cum bed, cushion chair, office chair, rotating chairs all kinds at KNS Rajan services, we do reupholster services.

Customized Services

We undertake customized services for old sofa, full sofa set, cushion chair, office chair and all other cushion service. Based on your need , we can customize our solution. With ideal planning and design, we can bring back life to your furniture. At KNS Rajan services, with dedication, we work towards fulfilling the Customers need. Our goal is 100% customers satisfaction.

Our services are mainly on focused Sofa repair & service, Sofa cum bed repair & service, Sofa with storage repair & service and Recliner repair & service. For more details about customized Service, Get in touch with us

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